istanbul airport hotel transfer

Istanbul Airport is situated only 25 km from downtown Istanbul and is linked to the city via motorway no. 7.

Istanbul Airport taxis can be found outside the terminal and are fairly affordable to other major cities in the world. The main problem is the length of time it takes to negotiate the busy Thai roads that lead into the city centre, particularly during rush hour.

Istanbul Airport taxis with a meter have their taxi rank located on the first floor, one floor down from the arrivals area. Passengers should follow the Public Taxi signposting and join the queue at the taxi desk outside. The staff do speak English and will give passengers looking for taxis a two-part slip of paper which will state the destination in Thai.

The smaller part of the slip will be given to the driver, while the passenger keeps the larger part of the slip. It is important to keep hold of this slip, as it enables passengers to lodge a complaint, should the need arise. The journey will cost around 24 EUR depending on the time of day, as there is a 50 EUR surcharge for Istanbul Airport taxis and also a 45 or 25 EUR toll charge. It is important to have ready change for the toll charge.

It will take around 45 minutes to one hour to reach downtown Istanbul, depending on the time of day one travels. There will be no other surcharges as long as one keeps hold of the ticket, not even for the return journey. In the even that a large number of passengers are seeking to take a taxi, the alternative mode of travel is by limousine service. One can also take a free airport shuttle to the Public Transport Centre, where more taxis Istanbul Airport drivers are waiting for fares. Here passengers will find a second Public Taxi stand. Wow istanbul hotel transfer

Limousine companies have their own service counters on the 2nd floor of the arrivals level. Limousines charge a flat fare around 60 EUR for the round trip to and from the airport. It is important to avoid the pushy touts and buy the ticket only at the official stand, as such touts will often grossly overcharge customers.

In the city metered taxis can be found outside mainline railway stations and in front of the major international hotels. Return flight passengers are dropped off on the ground level of the terminal, just one level down from the arrivals hall.

Istanbul Airport is blessed with a large number of airport hotels, many of which have their own transportation via shuttle buses. Passengers without a prior reservation should head for the Tourist Authority of Thailand stands or tourist agencies at the airport on the arrivals floor in the main terminal. The staff there will be able to advise, if the hotel operates a pick-up and drop-off service to and from the hotel. This comes in handy for early departures or late night arrivals and obviously also saves time, since passengers won’t have to go through the queuing up procedure to get in a Istanbul Taxi.